Kelani Cables Awards Scholarship to Thasmila


From left: Thashmila Samarasekera, her father Upul Rajeewa Samarasekera, Sales Manager Chaminda Waidyatilleke, CEO Mahinda Saranapala, General Manager Marketing Anil Munasinghe and Brand Development Manager Channa Jayasinghe . Photo Credit : DailyFT

Kelani Cables PLC, Sri Lanka’s number one brand in secure electrical and communication cables honoured Thashmila Samarasekera of Rathnapura Seevali Central School with an Educational Scholarship. Thashmila who has got through the 5th Grade Scholarship exam scoring highest marks was granted the educational scholarship by Kelani Cables PLC CEO Mahinda Saranapala.

Kelani Cables educational scholarship is granted annually to children of members of the ‘Kelani Visura’ Electrician club. Scholarship holders have the privilege of receiving financial assistance until university entrance. Thashmila who was the proud winner of the scholarship this year is the son of Kelani Visura Rathnapura Zone society member, Upul Rajeewa Samarasekera.

Electrical technician Upul Rajeewa Samarasekera paid gratitude to Kelani Cables PLC for its noble cause. “I have been working as an electrical technician for 20 long years and I hold membership of the ‘Kelani Visura’ Electrician club for more than 10 years. The society in addition to endowing us with world class knowledge offers us the privilege of having a life insurance and a host of other benefits. The financial assistance granted to electrical technicians’ children for educational purposes is a great motivation for us.

Upul Rajeewa Samarasekera’s son Thashmila said with emotion this is the first ever recognition he received from a corporate sector company. “Kelani Cables name will be remembered throughout my life and this financial assistance offered for my education by Kelani Cables is a great relief not only to me but to all in my family,” said little Thashmila.

Kelani Cables PLC CEO Mahinda Saranapala expressing views said ‘Kelani Visura’ being a major CSR program of Kelani Cables assists many electrical technicians in the country. “Kelani Visura has a membership that surpasses membership in majority of electrical technicians’ societies in the country. The support, knowledge and benefits offered via Kelani Visura are incomparable. Our core objective is to add value to the families of electrical technicians while enhancing their knowledge. This educational scholarship is part of that program. Kelani Cables anticipates adding more value to this CSR program in the coming years,” said the CEO.

General Manager Marketing Anil Munasinghe said Kelani Cables being a socially responsible company always look at citizens’ wellbeing. “We are very concerned about wellbeing of citizens in Sri Lanka in addition to making profits as a company. Thus we engage in various CSR programs throughout the year. Our loyal customers who endorse the Kelani Cables brand too can be proud of themselves as they too are part and parcel of this CSR endeavours,” said Munasinghe.

Kelani Cables PLC Brand Development Manager Channa Jayasinghe who also heads the welfare activities of electrical technicians in the company said the success of a brand always depends on all stakeholders who add value to it in many ways. He said Kelani Cables has understood this reality well thus the company always is concerned about the wellbeing of all who are associated with the brand.

Kelani Cables PLC is a 100% Sri Lankan company serving the nation for over four decades manufacturing electrical and communication cables. The company achieved ‘Super Brands’ status in the electrical and telecommunication sector in 2008 for professional supremacy it demonstrated in the sector.

In 2012, Kalanai Cables PLC clinched the bronze award for the excellent business brand category at the SLIM Brand Excellence. It clinched gold at the SLIM Brand Excellence once again in 2013 for the same category. The company secured gold at the SLITAD People Development – 2013 award ceremony for the contribution it has made towards training and development of the work-force plus up keeping their welfare.

Kelani Cables PLC is the proud recipient of ISO 9000:2008 for quality, ISO 14001:2004 for better environment management, National Standards award and the gold winner of Taiki Akimoto 5S award.

Source : DailyFT